Holiday Cookie

Holiday Cookie

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Just imagine holiday cookies made with buttery walnuts and flavorful hazelnut brittle, dipped into creamy caramel and topped off with a sprinkle of deliciously roasted sesame seeds...Mmm good!

Ingredients: green tea, almond pieces, walnuts, cream-caramel pieces (sweetened condensed skimmed milk, sugar, glucose, molasses, butter fat, wetting agent: sorbitol, emulsifying agent: mono- and diglyceride of edible fatty acids), brittle pieces (sugar, hazelnuts, invert sugar)

Antioxidant: High
Caffeine: Low

Amount: 1 - 2 Tsp per 5 - 6 oz cup of water
Water Temp: 180°F / 82°C
Steep: 2 - 3 Minutes

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